Cambridge University Autonomous Flight are a student society dedicated to the design, construction and operation of small aerial vehicles such as quad-rotor drones. Every year we aim to design and build at least one new drone to take to a competition. For the last few years we have participated in the International Micro Air Vehicle (IMAV) conference and competition held in various locations across Europe, this year we aim to return to the event with a brand new drone design.

This year we are also investigating a micro drone platform that will be lightweight and low-power but still capable enough to perform automated tasks. If we manage to design a drone that can be manufactured relatively cheaply then we may build several of them and start investigating swarm mechanics. We will also be working on a long range, fixed wing design this year to enable us to cover larger distances and also carry heavier payloads for tasks such as aerial photography and video.

We encourage students of all subjects and level of experience to join in the team. We believe that the society is not only great fun but also a good way to reinforce understanding of subjects such as electronics, programming and control theory. However we also have a need for people interested in both structural and mechanical design and also people willing to search for sponsorship and other forms of funding.

If any of this has piqued your interest then please feel free to join the mailing list or send us an email. We have several different meetings on a weekly basis during term time and anyone is welcome to come along!